EDL is an American Manufacturing Company

"Our company has been providing private, corporate, and government customers with telephony equipment for airborne global communication for over 17 years. My position, since 2005, is Buyer II and part of my job is to find and work with contract manufacturers who can provide a quality product built from our custom designs. We found what we were looking for when EDL responded favorably to our quotation requests and in 2001 we started working with EDL.

What our company likes about EDL is their ability to interpret our design data, get it to their production floor, and turn out a quality product time after time. They manage our orders with a critical eye on detail and keep us informed of the progress. EDL always make themselves available for discussions and the relationship feels more like a partnership to me than one of vendor/customer and I like that. I have recommended EDL to others and will continue to do so with the highest confidence in their manufacturing ability and for their professional yet personal attention they continuously provide."

Tina, Buyer II


"EDL has been nothing but a PLEASURE to work with. Their professionalism, work quality, fair pricing and schedule flexibility are all max’d out. Awesome to work with!!!"

Joe, Program Manager

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