EDL is an American Manufacturing Company

PCB Assembly, SMT and Mixed Technology

SMT-Production-Lines-008 thumb EDL runs separate, automated surface mount assembly lines supporting fast-turn prototypes and moderate-volume, moderate mix needs plus high volume, mass production requirements. Our productions lines are anchored by Juki and MYDATA automated surface mount equipment systems.

Features and Capabilities include:

  • CAD Import of All Placement Data
  • High Speed Production of Densely Populated PCB Assemblies
  • Fast Turn Prototype and Pre-Mass Production Builds, Kitted or Turnkey
  • Placement Rates Exceeding 12 Million Parts Per Month
  • BGA and Micro-BGA
  • Ultra-Small, Ultra-Thin Chip Placements including Fine Pitch CSPs and QFPs Plus Odd Form Parts
  • Package-On-Package (POP) Technology including Automated Flux Dispensing and Laser Sighting
  • Pemtron Color 3D Solder Paste Inspection system (SPI)
  • YESTech Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
  • Phoenix X-Ray Inspection
  • Vitronics-Soltec XPM 10 Zone Reflow Ovens
  • Automated Aqueous Cleaning
  • BGA Semi-Automated Re-Work Station


Each of our experienced, highly skilled manufacturing personnel are certified to IPC Class 3 standards and can handle the most challenging soldering needs.

 AP17494 Juki SMT_line-with_Vitronics_reflow_oven_thumb  AP17494
YESTech thumbJuki Chip_Shooters_and_Flex_Mounter_thumb Phoenix X-Ray_for_BGA_inspection_thumb


Pemtron 3D Solder Paste Inspection 


Nordson YESTECH FX-940 Ultra 3D
AOI Inspection



“Our company is a small business research organization that develops innovative antennas and systems primarily for military and government applications. Being a small company in the Hampton Roads Area, we needed a manufacturing company that is both capable and willing to support small R/D companies to advance their ideas and products from engineering development models to prototype levels and beyond. It was outstanding to find such a company (EDL) in our own “backyard.” EDL reviewed our circuit designs, supported the development of our research models, fabricated the metal work, PCB assemblies, and cable harnesses; and even assisted in the briefings with our sponsor. We will always consider using EDL to help us transition our research models to actual products for commercial applications.”

Thomas, Advance Program Manager

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