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PCB Design/Layout

CAD capture of mixed technology, multi-layer, fine pitch PCBProvide EDL your circuit information and we will capture the schematic, design and layout the bare board to your specifications and deliver prototype assemblies plus support files, all to meet your time schedule. Highlights of our design capabilities include:

  • 6 mil / 6mil , trace width / gap
  • BGA / micro BGA
  • 16” x 16” PCB, 16 layers
  • Odd Shaped Boards
  • Large Power devices
  • Split power planes
  • Blind and buried vias

Regarding our design process, we typically redraw the schematic into our CAD system or convert the netlist into our native format. The board is then placed and a check-plot review and approval is done with our customer. A preliminary route is then performed and approved by our customer before a prototype board is ordered. We work with many CAD formats including plain Autocad drawings for schematics.

For tight deadlines, a real-time interface is required with our customer for quick-turn prototype design/pre-production and fabrication. All design issues are addressed by both the design engineer and the project engineer at EDL working closely with our customer.


"EDL has been nothing but a PLEASURE to work with. Their professionalism, work quality, fair pricing and schedule flexibility are all max’d out. Awesome to work with!!!"

Joe, Program Manager

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