EDL is an American Manufacturing Company

PCB Assembly, SMT and Mixed Technology

SMT-Production-Lines-008 thumb EDL runs separate, automated surface mount assembly lines supporting fast-turn prototypes and moderate-volume, moderate mix needs plus high volume, mass production requirements. Our productions lines are anchored by Juki and MYDATA automated surface mount equipment systems.

Features and Capabilities include:

  • CAD Import of All Placement Data
  • High Speed Production of Densely Populated PCB Assemblies
  • Fast Turn Prototype and Pre-Mass Production Builds, Kitted or Turnkey
  • Placement Rates Exceeding 12 Million Parts Per Month
  • BGA and Micro-BGA
  • Ultra-Small, Ultra-Thin Chip Placements including Fine Pitch CSPs and QFPs Plus Odd Form Parts
  • Package-On-Package (POP) Technology including Automated Flux Dispensing and Laser Sighting
  • Pemtron Color 3D Solder Paste Inspection system (SPI)
  • YESTech Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
  • Phoenix X-Ray Inspection
  • Vitronics-Soltec XPM 10 Zone Reflow Ovens
  • Automated Aqueous Cleaning
  • BGA Semi-Automated Re-Work Station


Each of our experienced, highly skilled manufacturing personnel are certified to IPC Class 3 standards and can handle the most challenging soldering needs.

 AP17494 Juki SMT_line-with_Vitronics_reflow_oven_thumb  AP17494
YESTech thumbJuki Chip_Shooters_and_Flex_Mounter_thumb Phoenix X-Ray_for_BGA_inspection_thumb


Pemtron 3D Solder Paste Inspection 


Nordson YESTECH FX-940 Ultra 3D
AOI Inspection

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Advanced 3D imaging technology for high-speed PCB assembly inspection with exceptional defect coverage.

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