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Network End-to-End Date Link Evaluation System (NEEDLES) News

Engineering Development Laboratory, Inc. (EDL) announces the development of our Photonics Inline Network Sensor (PINS) product, the PINS-1000, compliant with AIR6552, the soon-to-be-released Network End-To-End Data Link Evaluation System (NEEDLES) standard from SAE International. EDL developed the NEEDLES concept in 2011.

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The PINS-1000 is a non-destructive, non-intrusive, real time optical performance monitoring system, which analyzes and manages the health of a fiber optic network. By applying the NEEDLES architecture, the PINS-1000 accurately measures forward and reverse optical power levels at key locations within your optical network’s physical layer. Through analysis of the optical power levels, the PINS-1000 can detect, localize, and isolate impairments in real time as well as assist in failure prediction.

The PINS-1000 will soon be available initially as a kit for assembly and installation by students or technicians. The kit includes an ancillary package that covers knowledge and hands-on training.

Aurora Fusion 3500 Automatic Dual Mode PAS/LID splicer Supporting requirements for PINS 1000 and other applications, EDL has recently added the Aurora Fusion 3500 Automatic Dual Mode PAS/LID splicer to our leading-edge technology equipment line-up. The Fusion 3500 splices all common single and multi-mode fibers automatically or manually. In PAS mode, the Fusion 3500 splices any 125 micro diameter single-mode fiber automatically. In LID mode, it splices any single mode or multi-mode fiber with an outer diameter of 250 microns or less.


“Our company is a small business research organization that develops innovative antennas and systems primarily for military and government applications. Being a small company in the Hampton Roads Area, we needed a manufacturing company that is both capable and willing to support small R/D companies to advance their ideas and products from engineering development models to prototype levels and beyond. It was outstanding to find such a company (EDL) in our own “backyard.” EDL reviewed our circuit designs, supported the development of our research models, fabricated the metal work, PCB assemblies, and cable harnesses; and even assisted in the briefings with our sponsor. We will always consider using EDL to help us transition our research models to actual products for commercial applications.”

Thomas, Advance Program Manager

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