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This long-running program series requires turnkey manufacture of PCB assemblies for RF applications. The assemblies are used in state-of-the-art, mission-critical, highest-reliability communication products used by USA Special Forces and other military services.

The assemblies are manufactured using leading-edge technology, high-volume, automated surface mount assembly equipment combined with complex, custom, proprietary, manual soldering techniques in order to achieve RF environment operational success. Reliable, on-time production and delivery is supported by EDL’s robust, nimble, supply-chain management system handling logistics for hundreds of unique part numbers.


RF Communications Products

RF Communications Products

RF Communications Products


“Our company is a small business research organization that develops innovative antennas and systems primarily for military and government applications. Being a small company in the Hampton Roads Area, we needed a manufacturing company that is both capable and willing to support small R/D companies to advance their ideas and products from engineering development models to prototype levels and beyond. It was outstanding to find such a company (EDL) in our own “backyard.” EDL reviewed our circuit designs, supported the development of our research models, fabricated the metal work, PCB assemblies, and cable harnesses; and even assisted in the briefings with our sponsor. We will always consider using EDL to help us transition our research models to actual products for commercial applications.”

Thomas, Advance Program Manager

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