EDL is an American Manufacturing Company

The genesis of EDL was support of NASA's Life Sciences Space Shuttle program.

The EDL crew successfully designed, turnkey manufactured, tested and flew 5 medical equipment systems aboard NASA Life Sciences Space Shuttle Missions supporting human physiology research.

These equipment systems and supporting apparatus were:

  • Single and Dual Channel Physiological Signal Conditioners (PSCs) worn by astronauts to accurately monitor key vital signs when outside the Space Shuttle (during Extra Vehicular Activities).
  • Precision Pressure Controller and Neck Chamber System (Baroreflex System) used to generate accurate and rapidly changing positive and negative pressures about the neck to measure Carotid BaroReflex response (controls blood pressure) while in a weightless environment.
  • Automatic Blood Pressure/Heart Rate Measurement System (ABPS).
  • System Venous Occlusion Plethsmograph (SVOP) worn by astronauts to measure body fluid shifts while in a weightless environment.
  • System Measurement Central Venous Pressure (SMCVP) – first invasive (In Vivo) human physiology response study performed by NASA Life Sciences, using sensor-instrumented catheter inserted into vein and worn by (the lucky!) astronaut to measure pressures around the heart region during lift-off, ascent and several hours into orbit. Also required custom design and fabrication of Bio Instrument Port (BIP) to provide safe penetration of astronaut's pressurized flight suit during lift-off and ascent.


NASA Space Shuttle Launch

Single and Dual Channel Physiological Signal Conditioners

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more-nasa-and-mercury-005 thumb

blood pressure heart rate

automatic blood pressure heart rate monitor

central venous pressure meas. system


"EDL has been nothing but a PLEASURE to work with. Their professionalism, work quality, fair pricing and schedule flexibility are all max’d out. Awesome to work with!!!"

Joe, Program Manager

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