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NASA - How It All Started

NASA Space Shuttle LaunchThe genesis of EDL was support of NASA's Life Sciences Space Shuttle program.
The EDL crew successfully designed, turnkey manufactured, tested and flew 5 medical equipment systems aboard NASA Life Sciences Space Shuttle Missions supporting human physiology research.

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Minute Man III Weapon System Embedded Memory Array Dynamic (EMAD) Module

Embedded Memory Array Dynamic (EMAD) Module Operating under Northrop Grumman's Rapid Execution And Combat Targeting Service Life Extension Program (REACT), EDL turnkey manufactured, functionally tested and delivered to Raytheon and Lockheed Martin the Embedded Memory Array Dynamic (EMAD) module for ultimate deployment to Minute Man III Intercontinental Ballistic Weapon System Launch Control Centers.

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RF Communications Products

MRC VIPER 4Vehicle Installed Power Enhanced Rifleman (VIPER).  VIPER is a single-channel radio system mounted within vehicles that will be added to the Army’s current Single Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System (SINGARS) and operated by Army Brigade Combat Teams.

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Man Overboard Identification (MOBI) and Location System

MOBI SystemMOBI SystemAs our customer reminds us, “statistics prove that when you fall from your ship, the most likely means of rescue is from the ship from which you fell”. EDL provides turnkey manufacturing and testing services for a state-of-the-art, MOBI System, including the 121.5 MHz Direction Finder System and Transmitter currently used by US Navy personnel and personnel aboard commercial vessels. The Direction Finder System is complex, and includes an Antenna and Display Unit, comprised of multiple, mixed-technology PCB assemblies, wiring, and cabling installed into custom enclosures. Each completed system is functionally tested by EDL engineering technicians.

US Navy Seal Delivery Vehicle (SDV) Automated Battery Charging System

U.S. Navy SealsAutomated Battery Charging System Picture3 U.S. Navy SealsThe SDV is a submersible vehicle used by Navy Seals. Under a multi-year program, EDL turnkey manufactured and tested dozens of SDV Automated Battery Charging Systems. This classic "box build" was complex, comprising (per enclosure) 30+ PCB assemblies, intricate sheet metal/machining, and multiple cables/harnesses/wiring sets manufactured and assembled to IPC Class 3 standards.

Mercury Marine OptiMax Engine Oil Pump

Engine Oil Pump Mercury OptimaxEDL turnkey mass manufactured and tested a complex, 7-port, high-precision, mechanical oil pump for Mercury Marine which had been designed by Orbital Corporation Limited. The oil pump generated minute levels of oil output achieved by using components manufactured to extremely tight tolerances (some requiring optically-aided inspection). During this multi-year production program, EDL delivered over 40,000 oil pumps each year for use on Mercury Marine OptiMax outboard engines and maintained 100% on-time delivery and quality (zero defects) ratings.

Headlight Actuator Control Modules (HACOMS) for Guide Corporation/General Motors Corporation

Headlight Actuator Control ModuleGuide Corporation, Anderson, Indiana outsourced their mass manufacturing production line for HACOMS to EDL. The HACOM is an electro-mechanical device comprised of a PCB assembly installed into an injection molded housing sealed shut with butyl rubber compound. The HACOM electronics activate a small motor which opens and closes the front headlights. EDL designed and employed new functional testing systems and mechanical assembly apparatus and used automated assembly techniques to provide turnkey, dock-to-stock manufacture of 40,000 to 80,000 HACOMS each year for use on all new GM Corvette and Firebird vehicles. EDL achieved 100% quality (zero defects) and 100% on-time delivery ratings over the program’s multi-year lifespan.

Canon Mass Production Program for Hewlett Packard Laser Jet Printers

Launching the company’s first large scale, mass production operation, EDL began manufacturing PCB assemblies for Canon, Virginia in 1992, delivering between 45,000 and 90,000 assemblies each month over the next 9 years. Installed into HP Laser Jet Printers manufactured by Canon, the assemblies were manufactured turnkey, tested and delivered dock-to-stock on a Just-In-Time (JIT) delivery basis. EDL each year received 100% on-time delivery ratings over the program’s 9 year life, and earned Canon’s Outstanding Supplier Award in 1994 and 1996.


"I wanted to say thanks for over 10 years of fantastic service. It's rare to find an assembly company that can do prototyping and handle medium to large scale production. When I first started my company I was doing work on a small scale and now it's rare not to have a product in the cue for assembly. The level of service has not changed. I'm always impressed with the quality of the assembly. Rarely ever an issue, but if there is you are always on top of figuring a solution to the problem. Read more ...

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