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This long-running program series requires turnkey manufacture of PCB assemblies for RF applications. The assemblies are used in state-of-the-art, mission-critical, highest-reliability communication products used by USA Special Forces and other military services.

The assemblies are manufactured using leading-edge technology, high-volume, automated surface mount assembly equipment combined with complex, custom, proprietary, manual soldering techniques in order to achieve RF environment operational success. Reliable, on-time production and delivery is supported by EDL’s robust, nimble, supply-chain management system handling logistics for hundreds of unique part numbers.


RF Communications Products

RF Communications Products

RF Communications Products


"I wanted to say thanks for over 10 years of fantastic service. It's rare to find an assembly company that can do prototyping and handle medium to large scale production. When I first started my company I was doing work on a small scale and now it's rare not to have a product in the cue for assembly. The level of service has not changed. I'm always impressed with the quality of the assembly. Rarely ever an issue, but if there is you are always on top of figuring a solution to the problem. Read more ...


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